(Just) Care or Care & Repair?


Choose between our two service packages and opt for the one that's just right for you!

Choose peace of mind with our (Just) Care Pack: maintenance only,

Opt for safety with our Care & Repair Pack: maintenance and repairs.



#1 Your budget - always monitored and under control


No more surprises.

You simply set the monthly service amount before signing your lease contract.

If your display shows a maintenance or a warning, you know it is included in the charge.

#2 With the safe feeling of trust


What you can rely on.

Our partner network will always ensure that your vehicle is in the hands of experienced and well-trained professionals.

They know the ins and outs of your specific model and brand. And we guarantee that they only use original parts.

Care & Repair: Retaining value and remaining flexible. Our service for your mobility


Our package Maintenance & Repair : Complete maintenance in accordance with the service booklet, including wear and tear parts and working hours.

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And this is how it works:

No advance payment required!

Just take an appointment with an authorised workshop in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, everything will be taken care of for your service.

Services not included in the service leasing include (list not exhaustive):

  • Tyre replacement and alignment services
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Repair as a result of intentional damage and wear and tear considered to be abnormal wear and tear
  • Vehicle body repairs
  • Meeting the technical inspection requirements

(Just) Care


Our Maintenance & Inspection package: Maintenance according to the service checkbook, including labour time.

The fixed maintenance and inspection intervals are included to ensure your safety!

*If required in the maintenance plan.

The services included comply with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions and are covered for normal use of the vehicle.

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