Our solution for Private customers: PrivateLease.

An increasing number of customers discover the advantages of vehicle leasing.

#1 Change your vehicle more easily and more often

The world changes and so does our approach to mobility. You no longer have to own a vehicle to meet your mobility needs, just like with a carpool. With PrivateLease. you can have a new vehicle without worrying about the resale. If you would like to drive a new vehicle and change it on a regular basis, this is the right solution.

#2 Benefit from a range of advantages

Volkswagen Losch Financial Services offers you the best service at every stage of your contract:

  • A special selection
    With Volkswagen Losch Financial Services, you will have access to a comprehensive catalogue of Volkswagen Group brands. Your vehicle will be configured by you and equipped exactly to your wishes and needs. A perfectly tailored solution.
  • Specified time and kilometers
    It is possible to choose how long you want your contract to run (24, 30, 36, 42 or 48 months) and how many kilometres you want to drive during this period. Everything is made clear from the very outset.
  • A constant rate for the rental period
    Each month you pay a rental fee that corresponds to the actual use of your vehicle and is significantly lower than the amount of conventional financing over the same period. As a matter of fact, you do not finance the entire vehicle. That makes it easier for you to be able to afford a better-equipped and/or higher-quality vehicle. And another advantage: It is not absolutely necessary to make a personal contribution.
  • Easy renewal
    At the end of the contract, you will return your vehicle without having to worry about its resale. You have the option of extending the lease with a vehicle of the same or a different brand offered by Volkswagen Losch Financial Services.

#3 Customise your contract with the utmost freedom

With our contracts, you can conclude your PrivateLease., even if you are not the owner of the vehicle.
For example with additional performance of services offered:
•    insurances;
•    maintenance & repair,
•    tyre service,
•    substitute vehicle,
•    holiday car or
•    charging station for electric vehicles...
This is how you can use your budget in the best possible way.

Discover our current offers.

Our offer: PrivateLease.

Calculate properly and only pay for the actual use of your vehicle. Choose the duration and the mileage. You can include services to know your monthly car budget in advance. In short, you will drive in a smart way, driving a new model at a controlled budget.

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