Returning your vehicle is an essential part of our relationship

Follow these recommendations to ensure that the return of your vehicle is as easy as possible. By giving you the opportunity to terminate your contract with complete transparency and ease, we achieve our goal: your satisfaction.


Our Return Manual

You will know from the beginning what the conditions for return are and what is considered “normal wear and tear”. You can access our online vehicle assessment manual at any time during the duration of the contract.


Having clearly defined guidelines guarantees the objectivity of acceptable or unacceptable damage.

Loss of value

The condition is assessed based on the age and mileage of the vehicle.

Watch our video to prepare your lease car.

The car return will have no more secret for you!


How does it work?

#1 The 3 golden rules to respect

When returning your vehicle, it must be in good general condition, which means that during the duration of the contract:

  • carry out the maintenance specified by the manufacturer at an approved repair workshop.
  • initiate necessary repairs, if the vehicle is damaged.
  • respect the number of kilometres specified in the contract.

#2 Wear and tear: The rules that must be observed.

Do not worry: The conventional use of your vehicle naturally leads to wear and tear, we understand that. This is why we do not charge you for certain damage resulting from normal use when returning your vehicle. However, some types of wear and tear may be the subject of an additional invoice on the basis of the return report.

#3 Prepare for the return of the vehicle

Our Call center will contact you to arrange an appointment before your lease expires. If you have renewed your contract, the return will coincide with the delivery of the new vehicle. Subsequently, the condition of the vehicle is assessed by an indepedant expert*. The guidelines contained in our return manual are the basis for a transparent assessment of the vehicle.

#4 Day-to-day

Normal or permissible wear and tear damage

The condition of the vehicle must be in accordance with the age and mileage agreed at the time of return. Therefore, traces of normal use that do not detrimentally affect the overall visual impression of the vehicle are accepted.

Damage known or not tolerated as abnormal wear and tear:

If your leased vehicle exhibits signs of damage caused by excessive or so-called abnormal wear and tear, which has a negative effect on the general visual appearance and/or a technical impact, this damage will be charged for.

Our 5 expert tips for a trouble-free return :


The return guide

Check our return guide in advance and check out what is accepted or not accepted.

The damages

Report any possible damage you may have, even without a third-party, and have it repaired.

The official documents and accessories

Prepare the official documents related to your lease contract and whatever was originally supplied (spare key, owner's manual, service book if included with the vehicle on delivery) or accessories (navigation card or chip, roof rack, luggage cover, etc.) of your vehicle, but also the codes for the connectivity or entertainment system (card or chip) when applicable.

Your personal belongings

Make sure that you take all your personal belongings with you.

A clean vehicle

Ensure that you return a clean vehicle both inside and outside and thereby avoid having to pay a cleaning fee.

Have you thought of everything? When returning the leased vehicle, you must return all accessories of the leased vehicle. Check our checklist and make sure you have everything you need.

* unless your dealer has set up an alternative return system.