Special action Autofestival 2023


For every Privatelease. contract Volkswagen signed between January 09 and March 31, you will receive an energy card worth up to 800 €!

Card amount

Fuel card or electric recharge worth 500€ offered with every PrivateLease. contract.

Fuel card or electric recharge worth 800€ offered with every PrivateLease. contract. Premium including maintenance, insurance and replacement vehicle.

When ?

The energy card will be sent to the customer at the time of delivery of the vehicle. 

Depending on the motorization chosen, it will be a specific card: 


  • Electric vehicles: Swio recharge card.

You will receive a pre-loaded SWIO fuel card, which you can use on all public charge stations.
If you chose a qualifying contract we will supply you with a pre-loaded SWIO card in the amount of 500* or 800* (depending on your contract) Euro.
After the amount is used up, you are welcome to continue using your SWIO card with your initially set up payment method.

You can also order a charging station from Swio and integrate it directly into your leasing contract.

  • Combustion engines and hybrid vehicles:

Total prepaid fuel card for the amount indicated. 

You can use the card in the Total network in Luxembourg, until the amount is reached (for the last fueling we advise to use the card reader at the pump as it will stop precisely when the card is empty). 
The card is valid until the end of 2024.


Validity of the offer:

  • Offer valid for all PrivateLease contracts signed between 09/01/2023 and 31/03/2023.
  • Offer reserved for private clients residing in Luxembourg.
  • Offer subject to acceptance by a credit committee
  • Offer valid for the brand Volkswagen.
  • Offer valid at all dealers of the official network (new vehicles) of the brand concerned.


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